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Swissdeck© is the floor finish par excellence for all kinds of floors. With the Swissdeck© floor tiles you easily and quickly make a very attractive and comfortable floor for permanent or temporary use. The tiles are put "suspending" on a hard base and clicked together.

The result is a so-called modular floor that you can always take with you when you move or expand. We offer 4 patterns (Ribdeck, Diamondeck, Floordeck and Coindeck) in 14 colours.

PVC interlocking
floor tiles

The choice of the flooring is one of the crucial points that determine the design of each interior. In course of time, the PVC Fortelock interlocking tiles became widely popular for the specific combination of its features such as its suitability for virtually every premises, low maintenance demands, high resilience or perfect look.

This type of tiles is well suited to rooms such as cellars, technical premises in the house or garages. The floor is highly resistant.

  • PVC tiles Fortelock
  • Very quick and easy installation
  • Nothing to glue, weld or screw
  • No difficulties with fixing the original floor
  • Material you can rely on
  • A floor that lasts a good long time

garage floor systems

EPOXY based garage floor systems are highly resistant to chemical agents, has increased mechanical strength and UV resistance.

Surface roughness can be adjusted according to customer's wishes. The anti-slip class is between R10 and R12. When choosing the anti-slip class, we consider the user’s safety and the hygiene requirements and safety standards regarding garage floors.

The seamless floor has no pores. Regular maintenance and cleaning improves the appearance and durability of the floor. It can be cleaned with standard detergents and industrial equipment.

For garages we recommend two types of EPOXY floors:

QUARTZCOLOR – is available in many colours. The shade of the floor results from a combination of dyed resin mixtures andcolour quartz sands. The colours are enhanced with high quality transparent topcoat. The unique floor structure makes the floorexceptional. Welcome to the world of floors with infinite design possibilities!

ECO – is a coloured thin-layer epoxy resin floor with a wide spectrum of applications.


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